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T Barron are a member of BAR - The British Association of Removers.

T Barron abides by the Code that dictates the stand of service you will receive, the quality of the materials used, the standards of vehicles and warehouses, staff training requirements and what will happen if something goes wrong.  Most importantly the Code requires BAR removing companies to deal with you in a courteous and sympathetic way at all times. 

Our key Commitments to you

We promise to act fairly and reasonably with you and uphold all the standards contained in the Code.  Our key commitments are:

  1. To make sure that our advertising and promotional literature is clear and not misleading.

  2. To provide you with a clear description, price and timetable for the work carried out.

  3. To offer insurance or other protection options.

  4. To explain clearly our liability for loss or damage, the time limit for making claims and cancellation/postponement right and charges.

  5. To provide staff who are courteous, competent, and committed to providing a high standard of service.

  6. To deal quickly and sympathetically with things that go wrong.

Financial Protection

The Code says that if T Barron cancel a removal more than 10 days before the agreed date for the work we must pay you back everything you paid to us.  If we cancel less than 10 days before the agreed date we must pay you 150% of the monies paid.  This means that you can be confident that we will arrive to do the work on the agreed date.  If we are not able to do the work on the agreed day or pay the 150% refund, the BAR Pre-payment Protection Scheme will be speedily activated to have the work completed by another member or provide you with a full refund. 

If Something Goes Wrong

If you have a complaint about a our service we will try to resolve it fairly, quickly and efficiently.  If we can’t settle your complaint to your satisfaction you may refer it to the BAR’s FREE Conciliation Service on - consumer.affairs@bar.co.uk, Tel: 01923 699486

If you are still not satisfied a low-cost, independent arbitration scheme is available operated by the Chartered Institution of Arbitrators.

The Full code of Practice

If you would like a free copy of the full BAR Code of Practice you can download it from the BAR website on www.bar.co.uk


Code of Practice

Results so far show that 96% of consumers responding to the survey would recommend their BAR member. 

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  1. 150% Cash-back guarantee against cancellation

  2. FREE Conciliation Service

  3. Approved and monitored by the Office of Fair Trading

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Results so far show that 96% of consumers responding to the survey would recommend their BAR member.